Alexander Lefler

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Alexander Lefler

climbs tall things. Wears floral shirts. Shows up excited.



Hi, my name is Alexander. I ride a Vespa sometimes and document people during their most meaningful life moments (not at the same time, but what a hilarious idea though, right?).

The world is a wonderland, and my greatest passion is sharing that enthusiasm with others as we travel, explore, and build things for a better future. When I'm not devouring a burger or debating which bourbon is best (there is no best bourbon), you'll find me photographing a story somewhere in the world. I'm here to discover the narratives in front of me, learn from my mistakes, and use the often-overlooked messy parts of being human to make meaningful things with creative honesty.

I'm also the co-founder of Ramble. It's my hope that we can forget the industry for a few days to remember we're all fleshy weirdos with something to offer the world. I'm truly excited to meet you.








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