Q: How much does it cost & What is included in my ticket?

Ramble admission costs $980, and it covers general admission to Ramble, a spot for your tent/camping gear, open forum discussions, creative activities designed by 5 different leaders, live shoots, catered dinner on closing night, and countless options for spontaneous adventures in the wilderness. If you buy a ticket early when a Ramble event is announced, you may get an early bird price! (Early bird price listed on booking page)

Q: What are the accommodations?

There will be a space for your tent, bathrooms, showers, and water. Like we said... it's fairly primitive and that's part of what makes it unique. There is at least one electrical outlet at the campsite, but there will be a few AC converters to charge electronics from vehicles as well. 

Q: Can I come for just a day or two for a discounted rate?

We are not offering partial tickets for discounted rates. A big part of what makes Ramble so awesome is building friendships and connections, and we believe the best way to do that is by having everyone experience the whole duration.

Q: What is there to eat?

There will be light community food/snacks/water throughout the day, but you are expected to pack your own "large" meals and personal water. On the last night, a big dinner will be provided, with vegetarian, vegan, and celiac/gluten-free options as well! Let us know dietary restrictions upon booking and we'll make sure you're taken care of.

Q: This sounds very "roughin it." How is this different from a workshop?

Ramble is first and foremost a creatives camping vacation. The big difference between this and a workshop is that it's mainly centered around open quality time with those you may admire and a small group of peers. There aren't speaker presentations in the traditional sense. We're making trips out into the wilderness during the day for leader-designed creative activities, and having open-forum bonfire conversations in the evenings to expand understanding and deepen knowledge. You will leave feeling refreshed, educated, and fulfilled by new friendships. That's what leads to fast growth.

Q: I don't have any camping gear. Can I still attend?

Unfortunately we cannot allow individuals to attend unless they supply their own tent, sleeping bag, water, and food. However, there will be snacks, limited community water, and a free catered dinner on the last night.

Q: What will we do all day?

Each day there will be at least 2 leader-designed activities/shoots, but you get to choose your own adventure! You are in control of your time. The wilderness will surround us and we can go wherever we like, and create whatever we want. The scheduled activities with leaders will feel spontaneous, organic, and fun, but if you'd rather take a short hike into the mountains instead, that's ok too! At night we'll gather around to have great discussions during campfire chats. This is where we can do some really deep personal dives into whatever you're hoping to learn.

Q: What are campfire chats like?

 Ramble campfire chats are a time each night where we'll sit down and talk about whatever we want. In the past, this has been a time when we might hear people discuss their dreams, concerns, questions, joys, or whatever is on their hearts. 

Or if you want to sit back and simply enjoy the stars... then here's to you, friend :)

Q: Not sure this is for me. Am I cool or successful enough? 

This is not a cool kids club. Are you a photographer? A videographer? A designer? An artist? Great! If you love camping, the outdoors, and learning on-the-fly, you are welcome here. Its' easy to be intimidated by the different levels of creative success, but Ramble is about putting that aside. Let's be friends and push ourselves creatively and personally. We want you here!

Q: Money is tight and I'm not sure I can make the full payment. Can I split up the cost into multiple payments?

Yes, definitely! We have an option to split up the total cost into multiple payments so that you can make progress toward the cost leading up to Ramble.

Q: We're married. Can I just buy 1 ticket for me and my significant other?

We are currently offering a discounted rate for creative couple-teams, but only if you're sleeping in the same tent and using one tent space. If you book as a couple, and for whatever reason only one of you can attend, the price is non-refundable.

Q: I don't think I'll be able to make it... what are the odds that this happens again sometime soon?

The odds are high... very high. In fact, we plan to do this a handful of times per year. See current editions of Ramble available here.

Q: What's with all the weird cave drawing illustrations on this website?

The cave drawings are a relic from an older time, where humans stood against failure as a group. They did it out of necessity, since the planet was filled with danger and scary stuff. Small bands of people were able to push forward and rely on one another for support, and that idea resonated a lot when brainstorming how to make Ramble work. So it stuck!


Ready to be inspired and get all up in some wilderness?