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Think of it as a rugged vacation for creatives. Designed for artistic growth, friendship-building, and smelling like campfire smoke.


Meet the Advocates

Insta-fame is silly. We’re all in this together.

The folks below are here to chat with you along a hike, offer advice around a fire, or address specific questions about creativity, photography, or generally being an artist.


Alexander LeflerThe Wayfarers

Hi, my name is Alexander. The world is a wonderland, and my greatest passion is sharing that enthusiasm with others as we travel, explore, and build things for a better future. When I'm not devouring a burger or debating which bourbon is best (there is no best bourbon), you'll find me photographing a story somewhere in the world. I'm here to discover the narratives in front of me, learn from my mistakes, and use the often-overlooked messy parts of being human to make meaningful things with creative honesty. I'm also the co-founder of Ramble. It's my hope that we can forget the industry for a few days to remember we're all fleshy weirdos with something to offer the world. I'm truly excited to meet you.

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Ben KochanowskiRosey Red Photography

Heyoooo!! This is Ben, the lanky guy who is the “less coordinated with age” member of Rosey Red Photography. My wife Ashley and I are a duo of moment ninjas who decided to set our differences aside to fight the evil of fake authentic moments. Our souls are driven by the value of emotion and the power of light, and our favorite images combine the two in a dramatic, yet intimate way.  We are relational photographers and story tellers with a strong belief that the best photographs come from the depths of connection between our couples combined with the outlying elements - us, the surroundings, and trust. We create heirlooms for people, and in doing so, have learned to let go of ourselves.  These visual remembrances are not about us.  They are far more important than that, and we are passionate about teaching those in our community how to provide images that speak to those they are about in a powerful and personal manner. 

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brandi PotterBrandi Potter Photography

I’m an award winning wedding photographer soon to be based in Los Angeles, CA. I started my business in the midwest back in 2015 and I’m ready for the changes that the west coast has to offer. I’m really just moving to be closer to In-N-Out, but that doesn’t matter. I’m an INFP or INTP depending on the season. As far as the enneagram goes I nearly tied for a 3w4 and a 8w7. So basically I’m an introverted boss lady if you’ve never taken a personality test. I'm a lover of travel, dogs, & plants. I seem to spend more time in airports and on airplanes than I do at home with my two pups, Fry & Zapp (yes after Futurama characters). That also means I have to get a friend to come over to water my 70+ plants while I'm away on adventures.

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Nate & Meg KantorCedar & Pines

Nate and Megan are hikers, climbers, and travelers who met in art school and have been inseparable ever since. Their photography work is inspired by their story of adventure together, firmly rooted in the conviction that when two visionaries join lives, something beautiful happens. They believe their life together has achieved more than they could alone, leaving their hometowns to explore the mountains and deserts of the West and start a photography business built from that adventure. They believe in legacy--that marriage is a catalyst for pursuing wild things together.

Nate and Megan live on the road full time in their 1974 Airstream, traveling to photograph outdoor weddings and intimate elopements all over the American West and beyond.

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Scheduled Tomfoolery


The belief under the hood… 

Not long ago, the primary motivators for creativity were self-expression and discovery. Somewhere along the way, it became easy (and logical) to treat creativity more like a game. A game that satisfies ever-changing algorithms, popular opinion, and follows a “formula” without any deviation. After all, we live in a new world where making a great living as an artist is more possible than ever before. Why not play the game?

Games are fine, but toying with identity isn’t. Sacrificing personal expression and creativity for influence leads to burnout. At Ramble, we get back to the basics: Honesty, community, deep creativity, and good thought patterns. That’s where growth begins, and we’re all about healthy beginnings.


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