We are super excited to have you at Ramble. Getting fresh perspectives and asking questions will encourage amazing conversation and growth for everyone. We want to encourage you to be bold and creative because you have a lot to offer. We can’t wait to hang with you in the blue ridge!

- Alexander, Benjamin, & The Ramble TEAM


Thanks for coming along with us.

Seriously! Ramble wouldn't really be a thing unless there were awesome and spirited individuals like you who want to participate in it. So from the bottom of our hearts, thanks for coming along for the camping adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains with us! We appreciate you, and want to make sure you walk away having had an awesome time. Here is some stuff below that will be helpful as you prep.


We have the privilege of camping on a private mountain all to ourselves, situated on an exclusive property about 40 minutes northwest of Asheville. Our specific campsite is perched high above the surrounding ridges, and is quite primitive. The valley farm under the mountain is a 10-minute drive down the mountain road, and is home to a pre-civil war house with showers and clean water for us to use.


What to bring:


In order to camp at Ramble, there are some things that are absolutely required, and also some things that are nice-to-haves. This list should help you prepare :)


  • A tent or hammock, and it MUST have a rain-fly.
  • Sleeping bag or equivalent bedding
  • Your own bag or backpack
  • Personal pre-packed food (we provide closing night shindig dinner)
  • Personal water bottle
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • Shoes/boots suitable for mountain terrain (hiking boots recommended)
  • 4 nights of clothing/layers suitable for highs of 75 and lows of 50
  • A positive and adventurous attitude of learning and friendship


  • First aid kit
  • Hat/beanie
  • Camping stove and fuel
  • Hatchet/utility knife
  • Extra tarp
  • Hammock (if sleeping in a tent)
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Portable phone battery charger


Meet at TRADE & LORE COFFEE SHOP in downtown asheville at 2:00pm on Tuesday September 11. We'll meet each other, consume alarming amounts of coffee, get officially welcomed, and then caravan to the Mountain property together.


37 Wall St, Asheville, NC, 28801

*** Park in the wall street parking garage, and we will cover the charge for parking. ***





BeARS & other wildlife:

We are camping in an extremely remote wilderness, and as such we are sharing space with wildlife. It would not be uncommon to see deer, foxes, coyotes, boars, raccoons, etc. While it's fairly possible that we do not come into contact with any black bears, it's important to ABSOLUTELY follow the rules stated below:

  • ***Always always always*** store every bit of food inside one of our provided bear canisters. Unless actively eating, no exceptions. Never ever keep food in your tent.
  • Do not under any circumstances approach a bear if you see one. 
  • If you do see a bear, stay facing them and slowly walk away from the bear the direction you came from while speaking in a calm voice.

Also, there are a few harmless free range cows that might make an appearance on the mountain :)



Bathrooms, electricity, and cell service:

At our campsite, we will have portalettes stationed on the mountaintop. We can make occasional trips down to the farmhouse for those who would like a shower.

We will also run a generator far away from the site (to suppress any noise) and run power for charging.

There is Verizon cell service on the mountain (surprisingly), but not in the valley farm at the mountain's base.



Cars at the campsite:

The campsite is a 10 minute rugged drive up the mountain road from the farmhouse. This means you will not be close to your vehicle while camping up on the mountain. Instead, we will keep cars parked either near the farmhouse or a designated parking area down the mountain road, and we'll shuttle you up to the site. This being the case, there will only be 4-5 vehicles parked directly next to the campsite for the duration of the event. This is important to know because while there will be Ramble vehicles nearby, you will most likely not be near your personal vehicle while camping. But don't worry - we can make short drives for those who may find it necessary to briefly access their car.



Rules about food:

As stated above (and we'll mention it many times during the event): Do not under ANY circumstances leave food out, as bears are attracted to the scent. Most importantly, do not keep ANY food inside your tent for any reason whatsoever. Unless you are actively consuming food, it must be placed inside one of our provided bear canisters at all times. There are zero exceptions to this rule :) When unsure, please ask a Ramble leader and we'll make sure things remain as safe as possible.

*** If you have any food allergies, please let us know ASAP and we will make sure to accommodate where possible.


Some of these activities will be talks, hikes, discussions, and shoots. Lots to do, but you aren't obligated to participate in everything. If you'd rather hang back and relax, have at it. Or go wild and dig into the whole thing. Choose your own adventure.


Tuesday, September 11:

  • 2PM - Intro at Trade & Lore Coffee

  • 4:30PM - Drive to Mountaintop together

  • 5:30PM - Set up camp

  • 7:30PM - Bonfire Chat

Wednesday, September 12:

  • 9:30AM - Breakfast w/ the Hortons

  • 2PM - Afternoon w/ Mitch Colagrossi

  • 6PM - Whiskey Tasting Q&A w/Alexander Lefler

Thursday, September 13:

  • 10AM - Brunch chat  w/The kochanowskis

  • 5pm - Afternoon w/Levi Tijerina

  • 7PM - Closing Night Shindig & Dinner

Friday, September 14:

  • 2PM - Check out

  • 3pm - Wind-down @ Catawba Brewing (Optional)



That covers it!

Got more questions?

We're happy to chat. Send over a message and we'll help any way we can! We can't wait. See you in the Blue Ridge Mountains soon :) 

- The entire Ramble team